Attempting to Learn Python

Attempting to Learn Python

After a failed attempt in the past (RealBasic anyone?), I’m going to try to learn some computer programming. I’ve decided to try my hand at Python. I’m going through a book I found online, Learning Python the Hard Way.  So far, I’m on Chapter 14 (out of 52).  Wish me luck!

I have to say, RealBasic was not difficult.  The problem was that it was proprietary, and I couldn’t really afford to keep my license current.  Plus, I switched from wanting to use a Mac to Linux, so I was going to have to switch my license…

Python is free, and it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.  So that’s awesome.  That means that I’ll be able to keep up with the evolving technology without investing money every year or so.

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  1. Well, as an update, I haven’t done so well at keeping up with my practicing it every day… Though I have had a lot going on lately, so I guess that is a little bit of an excuse 🙁 .

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